Good meeting with the nutritionist...

... who weighed me and noted that I exceeded my goal for maintaining weight through the holidays, and actually lost five pounds! And I like her body fat measurement tool better. Mine says 47.9%, hers says 45%. Official weigh in is tomorrow, and I still have two major holiday parties (work and then extended family) to do before I declare the "holiday" season over, but I'm feeling really good.

Goal/Theme for the next couple of months is portion control, but more accurately, determining WHY I eat when I'm not hungry. I need to stop eating food because it's there. I've done OK on this lately, but I still find myself absentl-mindedly grabbing handfuls of snacks and stuffing them in my mouth. Or finishing up the kids' dinners because I hate to see that uneaten food go to waste. Its going to be wasted anyway, must get over this.

Writing down all of this, and everything I eat, helps.


If you're interested, I read a couple of good books about emotional eating last year. I could mail them to you.

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