Back on track?

Was fairly "good" through the holidays. I made sure to balance the bad with some good anyway and then got back on track once home. Up .6 at the first weigh-in, but down 2 last week. OK. Keep on track. I can do this.
Saturday morning scale was firmly on 200. Finally! Then off to the family party and Veronica's wonderful food. Sunday morning scale was just over 200. Sunday was not the fruit and veggie day I promised myself. Today's morning scale was firmly on 202. And tonight is another get together. But I packed my lunch (as usual) and dinner since I'll eat at work before errands and the party. Must have willpower. I want to see that 200 - or less - this week again. And I want to see it on the WW scale on Thursday.
This morning was the fourth morning in a row for my 30 min treadmill program. Added wrist weights today, too. If I can keep getting up in the morning (going to bed before midnight would help), I can do it. I'm not all that excited about exercise, but I do love my treadmill - well, more my uninterrupted 30 minutes of reading Newsweek.


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