WWI: Looking back and forward

Wednesday Weigh In: 214.0, fat %46.2. Down 1. I should be relieved, but the fat % pretty much points out what went on. Even though I had a highly active weekend, I also ate a lot of institutional food. It was good food, but I did eat a lot of it. I did, however, write everything down, which has been a goal, so had I gained, I at least wouldn't have been all mystified: "Oh, how could THIS have happened." Well, when you go over points for the week and your bank is down negative 23 points, you're going to see an increase. The fact that I lost a pound this week is accounted for by the high activity, and just dumb luck. But look at that fat percentage. That's where I paid for it.

OK, I'm back at reality, so this is good. I've already planned out today's meals, and I'm looking good.

Saw the doctor yesterday for my annual. Since I last saw him, I'm down 20 pounds, which I was disappointed in, but he said it was obvious I'd lose weight, I'm looking good, and I go for a blood draw later this week after I can guarantee a 12 hour fast to get a cholesterol screening. He's predicting I'm down. I don't have high cholesterol, but as an oveweight person, I should still keep an eye on it. Plus, it’s one more measure of how this whole weight loss thing is doing me good. He also pointed out that 20 pounds over 10 months isn't really all that bad -- that "they" say its good to lost roughly 2-3 pounds a month, so technically I'm on track for long-term loss. This is down from the ol a-pound-a-week gague, but whatever. I'm losing, and perhaps this slow way does bode for long-term results, and a long-term change in my eating habits. I keep justifying that if I were one of those girls who "only" had 20-30 pounds to lose, I'd easily drop it in a year or less, but not really learn anything. Wanting/Needing to lose 100 pounds pretty much ensures that I do some major behavioral change here, as well as some self-knowledge stuff.

Still. I want my fat gone. I want it gone today. I'm really such an American, I'm into instant gratification. That's the lesson here that I have to learn.

Wow, I've been blogging a lot lately about lessons I have to learn. Time to learn them already. Sheesh. But the girls over at angry fat girlz point out that its Performance Appraisal Season, and they're right: I should do one on my weight loss performance over the year, emphasising strenghts/weaknesses, goals and roadmaps to get there. As I (am about to comment over there) we used these tools in the workplace all the time, they're best practices and they WORK. Why not apply business best practices to our daily lives?


Anonymous said…
Let me be the first to comment!

Yay I win!

V'ron, congrats on having a positive doctor experience and losing 20 lbs. is remarkable. I can relate so well to the instant gratification you speak of in your post.

I am losing patience with myself. Its my theme for this week. I've been posting alot of spiritual things on my blog this week because I'm trying to be patient with myself because I don't feel that the weight is coming off fast enough and therefore I feel like a failure.

I'm supposed to go to the doctor tomorrow for my annual exam and I really don't want to go because I know the "talk" will happen and various other humiliating experiences.

Thanks for your blog!
Czeltic Girl said…
Congrats on the 20 lbs!

Long-term loss (and then maintenance) is so flippin' hard. Sure, anyone can do the crash diet thing. But changing your lifestyle takes real work. You should be proud of yourself.

I've been so much better in the last year about eating better food (though I still eat way too much crap), but I really have to stop being so sedintary. Doesn't help that I have a desk job and that a lot of my friends are now doing the kid thing, so they don't come out and play too much, therefore I have more excuses to stay on the couch. :)

I know there's no way I'll lose the remaining 50 lbs I gained since my late 20s (and, truthfully, I don't want to be that thin again. I look at pix of myself from my younger days and wonder who stuck the melon on the toothpick. Egads, but I was too thin.), but I would be more than happy if I could lose another 30. 15 down, 30 to go. God, that seems like so much work. But you're inspiring me a little bit more to keep at it, so thanks!

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