50 again

231.8/181.8 (unofficial)/131.8. Down 4.4 if the weight is right. Had a class off-site and didn't make it in to the official weigh-in, but my scale at home is generally in-line with the WW scale. I'm rather bummed that I missed it. Another woman who started at the same time as me was officially granted Lifetime yesterday and her boyfriend came and I heard it was rather emotional. Soon enough it will be my turn, right?

Sunday a team of us had to work to rollout out some applications, so our boss paid for breakfast and our team lead got souffles, bagels, and pastries from Panera. I had one of each and then looked up the nutrition info. Yikes. The rest of the week I've been watching the foods carefully, eating a lot of veggie based main dishes. Made a eggplant/butternut squash/pineapple/chicken curry dish over brown rice. The worst thing in it was the coconut milk. Also found a roasted butternut squash/potato/onion/red pepper covered with balsamic dijon marinated chicken recipe that was really good and about 5 very healthy points per my serving size. Got some farmer's market lettuce and spinach, so we've been having some wonderful salads too. Our community farm share has been full of winter squash, potatos, carrots, onions, green beans, garlic. Yummy!

The exercise has been good this week too. I've finally resigned to set up my Palm in the bathroom to go off about 10 minutes after my bedroom alarm, so no matter how much I want to stay in bed I have to get up to turn off that alarm. And once I'm up and brushed my teeth, I'm finally energized enough to get down to the treadmill. The trainer sessions are going well, too. I had Jamie (the hot one) on Tuesday. He does some good strength training. He had me using the 20 lb dumbbells and then the 25, but he had to help with those. (And if that sounds light, well, I've never had much for arm strength, so it's heavy for me!) Thursday was Andy, who gets my heart racing every time, but throws in some arms or abs just in time to give me a break. Can't wait to see who I have tomorrow. I'm going to look at a used weight set tomorrow. I like to work out while I watch The Biggest Loser.


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