One year anniversary

231.8/190.0/131.8 - Up 0.8. Not surprised at all. Where has my exercise and tracking gone? Just because I'm trying to do Core doesn't mean I don't need to track. And well, about that Core thing. As soon as I eat a non-Core food my good intentions seem to fly out the window and the day is shot. The flex tracking thing worked for 6 months - why do I need to change? Just freakin' stop eating crap! Think about what I'm eating and just say no. And get my lazy butt out of bed at 5:00 and get on the treadmill. What's so hard about that? Why am I purposely sabotaging myself? Why am I still up at 11 PM when I need to get up at 5 AM?

So today is a good day to re-evaluate and celebrate success. One year ago I was sitting in my first WW info meeting hearing about the program and deciding I needed to do something because I wasn't getting any thinner or healthier on my own. And where am I now? I'm 41.8 lbs lighter. I have more muscle and stamina. I'm wearing size 14 and sometimes 12 for the first time in years. It may not be where I could have been, but it's way better than where I was. Time to cut myself some slack and celebrate - not with food or drink - but with this post. Yeah me! OK, that's done.

Another woman in the WW meetings and I set a goal for ourselves this week. Mine is to track. Track all week. And I have to show her my tracker next week. This will motivate me. I've also signed up with a personal trainer place and have paid for my sessions, so there's no turning back. I've wanted to do this for months but kept putting it off. My gift to me.


V'ron said…
Right. You look at a year and you're like "Well, I could have been there, but here isn't such a bad place either."
BigAssBelle said…
"Just freakin' stop eating crap" ~ yes. It's so hard.

I think that doing anything in the fitness/weight loss realm for a whole year deserves a standing ovation. The consistency is key to any long term success with this thing. Yea for you!!

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