Blame it on the weather

I'm 215 today. Up three. Here's the thing. I get on the scale this morning, as I do for every Wednesday Weigh in, and it takes forEVER to come up with a number. When it does, that number is 208. Woo-Hoo I at first think. But then, that can't be right. Not the way I ate this weekend. Not the way I ate yesterday, and certainly not the way I didn't exercise like I normally do. So I look at it, wondering if the batteries are going, or if maybe three years of bathroom merm are finally interfering, because it ususally doesn't have to "think" about the weight. You just step on it, and it goes.

So I get some bathroom cleaner, wipe it down, and, well, I'm at 215. That's more like it. shit. That's not really more like it, but its a lot more realistic. There's a part of me that was going to post the 208, but I would have cleaned it off anyway, eventually, and then I'd have to post a ferocious gain, and what would we have learned. Part of this whole process is being honest with one's self.

But I would like to blame something other than myself, and as I posted yesterday, this transition to Autumn isn't going well. Its been downright crappy her for the past week. What is the "sun" thing scientists speak of? Hasn't made an appearance in SE Wisconsin for almost a week now. Its been dreary, rainy, bluhhhhhh for awhile. And chilly and cold. The leaves aren't even turning yet, so you don't even get that glorious red and orange to brighten up the landscape. Its all gray. My car's in the shop, but its too rainy and icky to ride my bike to work, and when I get home all I want to do is watch TV and, well, eat.

I think more than being a stress eater, I'm a boredom eater. I've got to spice up this bluuhh day, so let's EAT Ick. Bluhhhh. Shit. I'ts gray, its rainy, my car's in the shop, I need new gym shoes, my scale is playing tricks with me and I'm fat. I feel fat and bloated and gassy. Bluuhhhh. Ick.

It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow.


BigAssBelle said…
and what is this hot thing we're having after two, three weeks of blissfully cool weather? i feel right on the verge of some new energy kicking in, but a hot day like this just sucks it right out of me. here's to clear skies, cool breezes and wonderful days.

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