One year and back on track

231.8/184.4/131.8 - Down 5.6. It's amazing what eating right and exercising will do, especially if those pounds are the recently gained vacation weight. Let's hope the trend continues.

I tracked my food all week. I think I'm going back to points for good. It worked so well for me those first few months. And I eat too many non-core foods. The week included a girls visit for scrapbooking with chips and dip and a dinner out, but somehow I managed to do ok. I showed my tracker to my WW friend and will continue to do so to keep myself honest.

I had my first couple of training session on Tuesday. I wore a way too large shirt over my ok-to-wear-in-the-basement-but-not-really-anywhere-else normal tank and spandex shorts and I looked pretty dumpy. So of course my trainer was Jamie, the hottest trainer in the group. And here I am looking so completely crappy. When I got home I immediately figured out a way-more-flattering workout outfit. Yeah, I'm married and I love my husband, but if I'm going to have these hot, thin, fit guys working me out, I want to look decent, and eventually I want to look hot. I want to be a hot mom. One of the women in the WW meeting said she wanted to be a MILF and I thought 'I like that goal.' Is this shallow? Oh well. I've never been the hot girl. I'd like to try it out!

The first training was decent. I walked out sure my arms would be sore and thinking I didn't remember doing much leg stuff. The next afternoon my legs and butt were really sore. Guess it was the lunges. Thursday I had the woman trainer, also a Jamie, and she really did a number on my arms. I think I have Andy bright and early at 6 AM tomorrow morning. He did my physical assessment, but I haven't seen his training style. Which part of me will be a-hurting on Sunday during the JDRF Walk?


V'ron said…
How'd the walk go?
kdk13 said…
The walk was fine - a nice clear crisp fall day. But my thigh muscles were tight and getting tighter as I went instead of more relaxed. Andy likes the wall sits and had me do 2 on Saturday. I'm starting to do those at home and work, too. Oh, and did I mention the free pizza at the walk? I maybe burned two bites of pizza worth on the walk - not three slices...

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