The Sun Came Out

... yesterday, and as such, I went to a REAL running store and bought new running shoes. I'd posted elsewhere, but might as well post here, that they need to come up with a sensor that warns you "Your running shoes are old. They have lost their cush. Buy new ones before you bash your heel in" instead of me waking up one morning feeling like somebody banged the living crap out of my heel. The problem is that, like car brakes, the deterioration is so gradual that you don't notice it until you feel damaging pain. At least with car brakes you have a chirp, and if you ignore the chirp, you risk your brakes not working!

So anyway, the sun finally came out yesterday, so I went to ol Rodiez's Running Store, which the "Health And Fitness" thread girls at MilwaukeeMoms dot com advised me was the place to go, and I learned that tended to roll inward a bit, so I needed support there, and now I have a pair of Saucony Grid3 shoes that, (like KDK13's pack of trainer sessions) are my gift to me and my goals.

Amazing what a little sun can do for the spirit.


BigAssBelle said…
wonderful! i'm off to the store :-) thanks for the reminder.

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