Fitness Milestone!!

I just ran an hour this morning without stopping.

Mind, you, this wasn't exactly Boston 'thon pace.

Nevertheless, I ran it. And i didn't stop. When I got home, I looked at my watch chrono and could see I was two minutes short of an hour, so I just kept running around my yard so I could post this.

Woo Hoo!!! You couldn't have told me a year ago I'd be here already.


BigAssBelle said…
"I just ran an hour this morning without stopping."

DAMN, WOMAN!! That's fabulous! Yea for you!!!!!!!
jen said…
You totally rock! :)
angelfish24 said…
Wow, that's great! I can't even imagine running for that long. I can walk forever but only tried running once recently, kind of a 1/2 jog a lap, 1/2 walk a lap for 2 miles and I was so sore! I know it's baby steps and then I will get better. Now, when this ankle heals, maybe I'll start up again. Way to go!
V'ron said…
Angelfish -- that's exactly how I started. Stella would have ice skating lessons, so while she was in class, I would start walking around the track at the rink. Then I'd job a half lap, then walk. Then I'd skip (yes, skipping like a little girl!) and then I'd walk.

BTW, skipping is a lot harder to maintain than running. It just SEEMS easier.

Baby steps, indeed!
Emily said…
Nice job!!!!!

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