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231.8/186.2/131.8 - Up 1.8. The weekend away from home got me off track. I didn't plan as well as I should. And I took up the defeatist attitude and kept eatting whatever all week. I had to admit to Sue at lunch that I didn't track. So we're both tracking this week and showing each other next week.

Last night I did a highway clean-up. Our company pays for our dinner at a local sports bar when we do this. And every time I get a salad. I didn't want to do a salad this time. There were 4 of us from Weight Watchers at dinner all sitting next to each other, so I felt the pressure to order something "good". I went with the grilled chicken sandwich and the steak fries and diet soda. I don't do much soda, but it's the free food thing again. At least I did pass on dessert.

Next week I'll revisit my goals since most cannot be accomplished by the dates I set earlier. My sister gets married next summer, so I'm setting my sights on reaching Lifetime weight before we go to CA.


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