This transition to autumn isn't going well

I'm looking at bad news on the scale tomorrow, and I think I've just nailed why:

While I've been not perfect all summer, I had a very active summer: weekends filled with 2 hour bike rides, mornings getting up early enough to get an hour in before work, active vacations involving bike riding, hiking, climbing up stairs to water rides, running around with the kids. The weather's gloomy, its not conducive to working out, and I can only do an indoor workout for so long before I gotta hit the showers.

But my eating isn't adjusting to the slightly but nevertheless decreasing activity level. I have to do this. I have to get back into Eating Boot Camp mode again. Or I just have to accept that its Autumn and I have to establish a new routine, both with eating and exercise, because this summer eating style just ins't cutting it, literally.

See you tomorrow, when I post probably what should be a gain.


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