Catching up

OK, I'm way behind. I'll try to catch up now. I was not NOT posting because I wasn't losing. Just too busy at work and home and didn't make the time. But go ahead and believe I was avoiding it, because had I done a good job of losing, I'm sure I would have found the time to post.

7/13/06 - 182.6 - down .6, total loss 49.2. Almost back to 50 lost. Not at all the 60 lost for vacation as I wanted. Off to Costa Rica so no weigh in for two weeks. And heck with tracking food. Or working out. I'm going to enjoy the trip without worry and pay for it when I get home.

8/3/06 - 185.8 - up 3.2, total loss 46.0. Must have been a good girl for a couple days back home since my total vacation gain was 5 lbs. The food was decent and I managed to eat enough of it. They did keep us going, so we got some decent activity. Our return was followed up with a potlock corn boil at our community farm and then a donors only reception at the new library. Hey, we gave a lot of money to the library so I must sample each elegant edible many times, with many mimosas to wash it down. I'm wearing my "little black dress" and everything.

8/10/06 - 184.6 - down 1.2, total loss 47.2.
8/17/06 - 186.2 - up 1.6, total loss 45.6
8/24/06 - 182.8 - down 3.4, total loss 49.0 - almost there when here comes another vacation and another missed weigh in
9/7/06 - 189.2 - up 6.4, total loss 42.6 - Wow, how much dessert and Culver's did I eat?! We were home all week with my parents. I had some fruits and veggies to use up. What better than zucchini cake and banana bread. We got these banana flavored Frango chocolates that weren't all that great alone, but they made the bread pretty yummy.

Well, now we're back to fall and I sometimes can wake up in time for a workout and when I can make it to work on time, I can walk at lunch with Jenny. Now if I can get a handle on what I eat, I could make some headway again. Is this the same song and dance I've been spouting since March?

I also have to get the hormones under control or at least note them on my calendar to proactively stop myself. For the last few days I seem to be out of control on eating. And I never feel full. I finally realized that my time of the month was here and then the over-eating made more sense. But since it seems to start about 3 days before the actual event, I need an alarm in my Palm or plan out my Tracker to write a warning - cycle about to start, do not overeat!!! And plan some strategies for this time of the month. I also need to give myself permission to eat a full bag of 94% fat-free popcorn anytime I want if that will fill me up and stop me from rampaging through the pantry.

Two days to weigh in. Not looking too good yet. I'll keep you posted. Really.


V'ron said…
Wow, everybody's starting to come back! Welcome back.

OK, ladies, its fall, school's in session, no more summer vacation, and we're all not happy with our numbers. LEt's hop to it!

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