Cookies almost gone

12/7 - 182.4 - up 0.6. Cookies are still a problem. Still eating 10 or so a day. Gotta cut that out.

12/14 - 180.8 - down 1.6. Don't know how this happened, but I'll take it. Must be losing muscle weight as I haven't exercised much lately. Had the cookie exchange on Saturday. But tried to steer my snacking toward the fruit. Had dinner at the Melting Pot with the girls. Had a wine flight instead of a fru-fru drink so only 2 points. Went with the California salad and the vegetarian fondue in broth. Two reasons - 1) keep the points down & 2) when I come back with Gar in January we're going for the Big Night Out and lots of meat! The 4 girls at our table shared a small chocolate fondue which finished the evening off nicely and not too terrible. Cookie consumption down to 5 a day. Walked at lunch with Jenny most days.

This week I have the "traveling tracker" for our group. Forcing myself to track and knowing others will read my entries make me watch myself. Gar had a work party Friday night. Limited myself to two wines and tried to balance the "bad" with the "good" at the appetizer buffet dinner. The scale is looking good so far this week. Exercise activity has been up, too. Free food coming on Wed and Thurs - my usual downfall. Must stay focused and on track.


V'ron said…
We've been kind of fortunate in that the vendor gifts have been sparse this year. Must've been a bad year for Motorola.

Usually I'm snacking on some kind of gor-may crackers and cheese I've never heard of.

Then again, there's always seven-leggeded transgendered deer from Fond Du Lac.

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