Magic isn't working

One post in 3/2006 and I magically disappear. Sorry for that. But vanishing from life has been the standard operating procedure in all aspects of my life for most of this year. Feels like it is finally time to shake my head (hard) and try something new. Since my post early this year, I have gained 10 pounds - actually less than I thought - and now tip the scales at 282.8. Sadly, it is the most I have ever weighed in this lifetime. I've spent enough time beating myself up for it. Time to set some *gasp* goals. For the next four weeks, I'll:

1. Walk every day. At least 20 minutes.
2. Track consumption. Ignorance has not been bliss.
3. Post once a week. I need support here, it is obvious!
4. Drink water. I'm grazing when I should be guzzling.

I can do this. It ain't magic!


V'ron said…
You can do this and you will! I'm glad you're back! You have a good plan.
duenneschen said… just gotta start doing.

Don't even think about it because that will cause only more stress and drama.

I wish you the best of luck!
The L said…
Good luck, you can totally do it!

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