When I'm home I behave

213.8, fat % 47.1. Not happy about this fat percentage, but overall weight is down point 2, which is better than gaining, I guess. Lots of eating crap. I didn't go over points, but let's just say I haven't been ODing on the veggies. And holiday cheer (in the form of beer) is a factor as well.

Next week shouldn't be all that bad. When I'm home, its really not that much of an issue. It's when I'm at work, and people have all this stuff put out, that I falter. I think that's where a lot of people falter. But I'm taking the whole week off work. The presents are done, so I have time to get in really good workouts, plus this nasty bronchitis is finally waning, so I can get in true cardio workouts. Plus, I have a massage and facial scheduled for after Christmas, so I'll be taking good care of myself.

Last night we baked christmas cookies with the kids, and I had a few wads of cookie dough, but really, that was it. Again, at home, its like I'm conscious, I'm in control. But then Melissa at work brings in a tray full of cookies and, well, that's breakfast. I had three and a cup of coffee.

Happy Christmas, friends!


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