Goals for the new year

179.4 - down 1.4 The traveling tracker helped this week. Even with 3 social "free food" meals and a few other temptations out there, I managed to lose. Had I not had two pizza-centric meals yesterday and had controlled the other snacking better, I may have lost even more. I did eat lots of fruits and veggies and limited my pizza intake much better than I would have in the past, so I'm making progress.

I don't have weigh-in next week and probably won't post, so time to set my 2007 goals. It's been over 6 months since I hit my 50 lb goal and it's time I moved on. Only 2.6 from the 55 lb goal. I want to be there for the 1/4/2007 weigh-in. That's my first goal.

These goals are set with a more realistic 1 lb per week loss. My average since I started the plan is around 0.80 right now because of my "maintenance" period for the last few months.
171.8 by 02/01/07 - 60 lbs lost for Gary's birthday
158.0 by 05/24/07 - BMI defines my weight as "Normal" In time for Memorial Day and the first swim of the season
156.8 by 05/31/07 - (1 yr from first weigh-in) - 75 lbs lost
140.0 by 09/27/07 - Lifetime goal. 2 year anniversary of joining Weight Watchers
131.8 by 11/22/07 - 100 lbs lost, just to say I did 100. Thanksgiving. And I'll be giving thanks!

Only two social events remaining for the year: Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. I'm making a fruit platter for both and I can make wise food choices and still enjoy myself. Here's looking forward to the new thinner me in 2007.


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