Dodging a bullet for the second year in a row.

Well, that was dodging a bullet. Both mine and Brian's birthdays were this week. We started out this week at a fabulous steak house, where I learned I don't really need a 12oz filet. The 8 oz would have done nicely. But it wasn't a cheap piece of meat, and the better $$$ value was the 12 oz. I have GOT to get over the $$$ value part -- because the weightloss value would have been the 8 oz. Especially considering the lobster bisque I started with.

Nevertheless, the numbers this week: Holding steady at 214, with 46.3 fat percentage. It could have, should have been worse. Just look at the birthday drinkie poos me and my girlfriends had on Friday. This is a place that serves ice cream drinks. I didn't even bother trying to figure out points. However, I was still good for the rest of the weekend. My work buddy Karina has this fondue party every year that I attended Saturday night, so I re-read this same post that I wrote about this same party last year and applied my lessons learned, and that's why I'm not posting a 5 pound gain this week. (Instead of eating, I spent my time working up karaoke nerve to sing the one song I could stand to sing among the selections, Rick Derringer's "Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo." Lordy, did I really do that? Was not eating yet another serving of bacon and swiss fondue worth grunting out "Lordy Mama, light my fuse"?). Still, though, this whole "reviewing your past lessons" thing really works.


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