celery sticks aren't so bad

Contrary to my prediction, there were celery sticks at that fondue party last night -- and I used them. I saved a lot of points for that party, but I did skip breakfast yesterday, which is a major no-no. Then again, I wasn't hungry and knowing I was heading for a fondue party, eating for the sake of eating didn't seem like a good idea.

I stayed within range again, and the feeling of control was great. I'm still in the high enthusiasm, gung-ho stage. I casually remarked to a friend, "I saved up all my spare points for this," and my frined replied: "Oh, I'm totally forgetting about that tonight." I couldn't. It's always going to be something. But I didn't budge. When I was out of points, I switched from wine to diet coke, from celery sticks dipped in magnificent crab/seafood fondue to plain celery sticks.

Oh, BTW, if you're going to spend points at a fondue party, spend them on angel food cake dipped in white chocolate toffee swirl (hot, of course, this is fondue you know.) Was totally worth having nothing but warmed over edamame for lunch.

Today, I picked up Stella from a birthday party and was offered some spare cake and ice cream, and I happily turned it down. I am in control.

Chili for dinner tonight. With a big huge salad on the side. Yummy.


Emily said…
GREAT JOB! Are you attending Weight Watchers Meetings??? I'm trying to figure out if I should go that route again or what I should do. WW does work, but I was unable to keep it off, so what went wrong?

Any advice is welcome!

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