I wan't to get away with this, but I shouldn't

I had a bad weekend on the food. Dinner with the family at a classic ol supper club type restaurant. I got the New York Strip, and I was really good about putting only 1 pat of butter in the baked potato. It was the three dinner rolls (with their accompanying butter) and the weissbiers that got me in trouble.

There's a part of me that wants to not eat anything today to make up for it, but the good part of me understands that weigh-in Wednesday should bring bad news. I want to get away this with, but I shouldn't.


Emily said…
V-ron - Read my post about the French women...maybe there is some way to pull this off. There has got to be. You absolutely should not deny yourself the pleasure or experience of a Wisconsin Supper Club evening with your family - there is nothing better. You should enjoy it and not feel bad about it. You did a good job moderating the butter - your head is in the right place being conscious about your choices - and I hear you - the rolls get me every time too.

Those rotten Frenchies do starve themsleves the next day...
Emily said…
Oh...the Weissbeirs...those get me every time too.

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