A Few Words about Method for December

This first month for me is going to be trying new methods and finding a groove.

Some initial thoughts:

I'm not doing Weight Watchers (yet.) In January I may decide to go that route. For now I'm going to try some things on my own. I'm also not seeing a trainer/joining a gym. I would love some help in that department, but I need to save money. We do have a treadmill, some weights and a VCR so I'll see how that goes for now.

- Water
- Regular sleep
- Tea
- Walking
- Stretching
- Weight Lifting/Workout tape

- Coffee
- Erratic daily routine
- Booze
- Negative thoughts
- Stress
- Sitting in front of the TV with the Cheetos

And I will attempt a daily workout. Even if it's just a walk. And I will do a Saturday weigh-in.


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