I'm not ready for fajitas

Went over points range yesterday, on some restaurant fajitas. I know I should have ordered something off of the part of the menu for "diet conscious" people. The stuff on that part of it had calories, fat and carb info on it. But nooooooooo, I wanted fajitas. And I should have known I wasn't going to stick to two. But I was cocky. I had four.

I do have to give Rock Bottom Brewery huge points though. My plate had a reasonable amount of rice and beans on it, instead of the three cups of each you normally get in restaurants of this ilk. Good thing, too. I would have been clean plate club last night, whether or not the amount of rice and beans was reasonable or not.

OK, forgive myself. Today is another day. And tomorrow will be one too. Stella's "Winter Sing" is tonight. They are ordering pizzas. I will have one slice. It will be enough. No, really.


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