Nothing To Wear (aka "How Did I Get Here?")

This morning, I went to put on my Levi's that used to fit me and I could not even get them on! I had to resort to the long, black Old Navy skirt that hides everything. Very depressing.

I started life as a thin person with a naturally high metabolism. I was also a distance runner in high school and college. I wasn't a competitive runner, but was in very good shape and ran for fun/endorphins. I used to be able to run six miles without breaking a sweat. Being a runner really helps with the food and booze. You can eat and drink and run it all off the next day.

I got pregnant with my first child when I was 29, and ever since then I've had issues with weight. I was 220 when Lucy was born, and 210 when Lily was born. Through Weight Watchers 2 years ago I was able to get down to 147, but slowly, ever so slowly, it's all crept back.

In my "normal" state I'm a loose size 10 / Medium. I like being this size. I'm comfortable at this size. Right now I'm a good hefty 14/16 and really feel like crap. It's now come to the point where I literally have NOTHING TO WEAR.

Everyone is different. For me, a 10/Medium is good. For others that point might be 14/L or 16/XL or 6/S. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. The numbers themselves are not important, rather it's what works for each person is what's important.

Thanks for the encouragement so far everyone. Keep it up gals!

Next post will discuss methods - how am I planning on getting from Point A to Point B.


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