This Blog Is Helping Me Already

V'ron and Theraputic - thanks for the understanding and the insight and for sharing your stories.

You've nailed it. It's not the number, it's what the number means to each one of us personally.

For me 175 means I've seriously jeapordizing my health. I've got those skin tags which my Dr/Chiro says is a sign of pre-diabetic condition. I don't move as well as I used to. To an outside observer I may look fine. As you say, I've gotten good at hiding it.

More than anything, not being @ optimum health/decent weight is something that's just unfinished. It adds to your daily stress load, and we don't need that. The extra weight gnaws at your self-esteem much more than I think any of us realize.

The important thing is that we all make progress and feel good about the progress we make.


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