All right kid, don't get cocky

Wednesday is weigh in day for me. Dates back to old WW meetings which were Wednesdays. Wednesday is a good day to weigh in. You're far enough removed from the weekend to recover from weekend excesses. There are no excuses on Wednesday. You can't say "We'll I'm up because I had all that soda and chips from the Packer game yesterday." No, there is no excuse for bloat on Wednesday.

Anyway, 228.9! Down 5.1 from last week! Woo-Hooooooooo! Happy dance around the scale! I rock! But of course. It's the first week of an eating plan. You always drop a bunch. And my downfall is that I let it become an excuse to slack off. That's why I hear Han Solo in my head, as he's brushing off Luke Skywalker's "Woo Hoo" when he finally hits a target: "All right kid, don't get cocky." He's right you know.


If I'd known you were going to start a WL blog, I would've suggested we do a multi-user thing and team up. I could use the support!

I'll just read and post for now (and eat the cookie I just bought and dread my wiegh-in tonight)

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