Carrots vs Cookies

V'ron, thanks for the invite. It is nice to have a place to write everything I normally suppress.

Final WW weigh-in today of my 12 week at-work program. 27.8 lost in the past 13 weeks (so it can be done, but can I keep it off??) I've somehow managed to lose every week, so I've been more complacent and not tracking as well lately. OK, there's no point to tracking all cookies and crap I've been eating at all the holiday get togethers. So today I'm up 0.2, but that was actually good since I was sure it would be a gain of 2 lbs. I weigh every morning, so as soon as the scale goes up one day I'm really good the next. Why can't I just be good everyday? Why do I still reach for the cookies instead of the carrots? Went down to the dept lunch (after weigh-in!) and filled up my plate with all the "bad" stuff first. Actually walked right past the fruit salad and thought I'd skip it. What the hell is wrong with me? I did go back and get my veggies and fruit and made sure I ate them first, but I still consumed too much of the rest and the taco dip is calling me from the break room. It's the free food that gets me all the time.

Saturday we leave for CA. I wanted to be firmly below 200 before this trip, but I'm still a couple lbs over. Can I really stay focused on vacation? Will I make healthy choices? Have I planned ahead enough on my snacks? I must surround myself with carrots and apples. Here's to hoping for some great low-fat salad options when we eat out and that my mother's gym allows guests!

Good luck to you all through the holidays and beyond.


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