Today is my birthday... And I had to bring treats

There's a tradition at my job: when its your birthday, YOU bring treats for the staff. Its weird. Isn't is supposed to be that the birthday person GETS the treats, not gives them?

Nevertheless, major test day. I bought treats that most people like, but fall into the category of "I'll eat it because it's there" but I could do without. Mini cupcakes with those jimmies on them. I HATE jimmies. They're always stale. It's amazing how much crap I'd eat because it's there. Suzy's Cheesecake (I think that's a Wisconsin thing). It's good stuff, but its TOO rich. I prefer New York Style, the fluffier, cake-ier cheesecake. Suzy's is basically flavored cream cheese. Its really really good, but TOO rich. (I cannot BELIEVE I am saying this). Store bought deli cookies. Hate them. You know they're made with shortening instead of butter. Feh. And a little gourmet madeline cake with buttercream frosting. I love buttercream frosting, but I hate store bought cakes. They're too dry. Feh.

I'm sure all this stuff is delicious, but the point here being, is it WORTH blowing a great start for? No. I had to write the above denial. I get HUGE points for not doing what I usually do, and that's homebake this incredible Strawberry pretzel tort recipe my friend gave me (it involves pretzels, butter, cool whip, cream cheese, frozen strawberries, sweet and a touch of salty and crunchy and gooey and I could eat a whole pan of it) or the infamous "mock eclair" (cool whip, vanilla pudding, chocolate frosting, and a box of graham crackers; similar sweet vs touch of salty, crunch vs. gooey, only this time chocolate makes an appearance). Again, I would go back for seconds, thirds, fourths.

I'll check in later today with an honest assessment of how I fared. At least I didn't put the treats on the table next to my cubicle, as is the tradition. They're right outside my Size 3 boss' office.


Good start V! If you really really really want some, have a little. Just not a lot.

Drink a litre of water right after to fill your belly and go brush your teeth. Harder to go back for 2nds then.

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