The French Women

Ok - the French are annoying. Let's just admit it. Unfortunately, they are also right most of the time.

My sister married a French man and now lives in Paris. She tells me all the time about the secrets of the French women. Secrets of how they eat. Secrets of how they dress. Secrets of how they keep themselves from getting sick, etc. (Wrapping a silk - must be silk - scarf around their necks and wearing it 24/7 at the first sign of a sore throat.) -- I digress.

My sister is "one of us" - problems with weight - and has lost through WW, etc. etc. etc. She's trying to lose her "baby weight" as we speak. -- I digress again.

Has anyone read the book: French Women Don't Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure? The bad thing is - THEY'RE RIGHT. There are no fat French Women.

They do things like:

- The don't eat at their desks, standing up, or in the car.
- They treat each meal as a ceremony.
- They eat their big meal @ noon
- If they overdo it one day, they truly starve themselves for the next few days to compensate.
- They truly take little nibbles of the "naughties" but don't deny themselves the pleasure of the taste or the experience.

This is a good read.

They talk about something called "recasting" in this book too. It's when you eat/drink this Leek soup for an entire weekend and it's supposed to start you on your way...

I'm shooting for the first weekend in January for my Leek Soup Weekend. Yippee!


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