Went out for sushi on Friday night, and afterwards decided not to deal with dieting this weekend. I'm sorry I made that call. I feel huge already. But that artichoke, spinach, mayo, cheese, wreathed up in some buttery crush at my friend's house Sunday night was pretty darn good.

Today I woke up, and decided to detox. I already had a massage and herbal wrap booked for today, decided to make it a whole day of detox. Vegetables and fruit only. Started it off with a full glass of unsweeteneed cranberry juice. Massive workout at the Y, including cardio on a stairclimber and a full circuit of weights. Fruit for lunch. Massage and herbal wrap. Sauteed vegetables for dinner. I may have gained wieght this weekend, but I feel good today. We'll see what Wednesday brings. I'm in detox and lovin' it!


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