Today is the first day of the rest of my life starting right with Total

Remember that ad? It was for Total cereal, and it was going through my head yesterday morning, as I began a diet, whoops, eating plan, that THIS TIME FOR SURE I am going to succeed at. I'm seeing a nutritionist, I'm done, I've had it with being fat.

I was thinking it this morning because I actually was eating Total cereal. Total Raisin Bran to be exact. Exactly 1 cup. With 1 cup milk. Total: 5 Weight Watchter points.

I'm making this a totally seperate blog, because I don't want The Sixth Station to be all clouded up with weight loss. I suspect my weight loss is only of interest to me and my friends and family. I'll put stuff on The Sixth Station when it really warrants it.

OK, here I go.

Baseline weight: 234.


Emily said…
Hey V'Ron this is great. Good for you. Can I be an author too? I've been thinking the same thing - i need to get fit - for once and for freaking all.

Blogs do help.

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