The "worst" time of year for a diet? Not to start!

People look at you and they're amazed: "You're starting a diet now?" Yes. Why now? Because it's when I said I had to. It when that buzzer went off in my brain and said "No more finniting around. You have to do this." Its extremely inconvenient that we're coming up on the Christmas season, with all its temptation, especially since my Christmas season extends all the way to January 15. My company party is the first weekend (And they go all out); our family throws a party in mid-January for all our friends who are way too busy this month to socialize. (Many of us work in either the entertainment or professional services industries -- year end is a crazy time for us). I'm invited to a "fondue party" tomorrow night. There will be no celery sticks there.

But after my birthday yesterday, I suddenly realized the brilliance of starting this thing now. I got through yesterday well within range, and with points to spare, because I'm just starting. I'm all fired up and doing great and highly motivated. If I'd started this in earnest back in September, I'd be ripe for a slump. You can do a slump in February. Have a weekend of lasagne and chocolate cheesecake, gain two pounds, hit the gym and you're back. But if you're hitting a slump in December watch out. Cheesy artichoke dip (you can see the fat just floating on top.) Deep fried everything. Pastry Pastry Pastry. (I make a particularly darn good puff pastry appetiser that calls for a pound and a half of butter that people rave about. I take pride that I handmake my puff pastry myself. Martha Stewart would be proud of me.) Cookies! Fundraiser food! And everybody is always bringing stuff into the office, probably to get it out of their houses.

That's the brilliance of starting the diet now. I'm motivated. I'm high and giddy with my five pound kickoff loss this week. I'm tickled pink that I did not have one touch (well, a tiny sliver of that madeline cake, to get the buttercream frosting taste -- yes, I logged it!) of all that booty I laid out for my co-workers yesterday. Had I been on this plan for three months, I would have blown it via the slump.

I have to re read a previous post: All right kid, don't get cocky. I'm only in day 10 of this 45-day ordeal. Still, yesterday was a major success. Here's the best part: I don't feel deprived. Writing about how all that stuff wasn't my favorite really helped.

I just realized that I'm not going to be cynical, funny and pithy for every post. Good for me.


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