Real vs. Simulated round 1

I'm in the IT industry, and as such, I have a general distrust for emulations or simulations. They never work out like the real thing. If you have an application that requires DOS, if you're not running a genuine DOS machine, don't trust a "DOS" simulator. (now why you just wouldn't just pay some consultant $2K to just re-write the thing in .net is beside the point).

But for some reason I always thought that those stairclimbing machines really worked you out as though you were climbing a flight of real stairs. Today I've got a packed schedule, and since I didn't work out yesterday, I was facing the fact that I was going to to two days without a workout. So on my lunch hour, I changed into my gym shoes and decided to just go up and down the stairs between my main building and the parking garage.

I'm here to tell you that flying away at Level 12 on a Stairmaster is not the same thing as dragging your 233 pound ass up and down some real stairs. Not in the least. WHEW!


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