Thanks for inviting me to the "V'ron-a-Blog"!

Thanks for the invitation! I've been thinking about doing this myself for a while. By "this" I mean blogging about my quest to be fit and healthy. Blogging can be theraputic and can make you accountable. Blogging is also TOUGH. I work in the web industry, and following the trends, I've had a Blogger account since 2000 -- but in reality I haven't used it much. I had a Blogger blog for a while, but took it down. I also have 2 other blogs on another service (Movable Type/TypePad) but the main one - about my kids - is down right now. Blogging takes commitment and dedication. It also forces you to WRITE! Writing is hard work. I'll provide updated blog status when I get it all pulled together.

I'll try to post a few times a week, and always on "weigh-in" day - which for me is going to have to be Saturday morning. This is not ideal since Friday night is the best night to go out to dinner and have "a few", so we'll see how it goes. Back in the "WW / Weighties / Weight Watchers days", I attended the Tuesday meeting, but there was also a Saturday meeting. Saturday it is.


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