Countdown to Black Thursday

In retail, its Black Friday. If you work in retail, you prepare pretty much all year for this, the onslaught of challenge to just how well you do your job. On Friday, can you work 10 straight hours with only a short break now and then and still maintain your excellent Customer Service Skills? By 7:30 pm, can you still be civil to people? If you can, you can truly call youself Professional.

For us who are working on long-term weightloss, tomorrow, Thursday, is not the big game, but the coin toss. Will we call and get heads, and will we take the ball and start off on the offensive, or will we succumb, and start out on the defensive.

215.0, down 2.5 from last week, and at least i've made up for the setback from a couple of weeks ago, going into Thanksgiving.

I'm overall feeling good today, and about the season coming up. I had the day off work today, so I got up, and it was beautiful and sunny and reasonable out: so I went for a good long power bike ride. I was already planning to ride to work, but since I took today off (its not like anything is going to get done today since 70% of the office-based workforce is out also) I just went for a loooong ride. Feel real good. I'm baking the breads for tomorrow, and I'm going to make a variety of rolls, some plain white but fresh-from-the-oven rolls, and some six thousand grain dark robust thing for us people who need whole grain in our lives. I'm feeling good about this whole "eating holiday" since it will be spent at KDK's and since I know I can count on her to have lots of veggies sitting out to nosh on I have to retun it by making the carbohydrates as yummy but loaded with all the good stuff us WW people know decreases the points value.

I'm taking the ball and going on the offensive. That's how I did it last year. Gimme a F! Gimme A I! Gimme a B! Gimme A E! Gimme a R! What'sit spell?!?!? FIBER! What's it fill? Your tummy! What's it clean? Your colon! FIBER!!!!!!!!

C'mon, fellow dieters! Let's go! Let's go! Let's goooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!


duenneschen said…
ov have such great motivation!

I didn't too well but I'm not beating myself up over it. I've already started out my day totally WWish!

I have an entire weekend to make up for it and I will!

YAY You!!!!!

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