Down, up, up

I try to blog from home, but then I don't do it, so I'm getting it done here at work so I can catch up.

11/16. 178.0, down 2.0. Yeah, my lowest yet. Finally see my "next 5" in sight. What did I do this week? I did really watch it. I did have some snacks at our friends when we all got together for scrapbooking. But then I had 3 days of Covey 7 Habits Training (wow, do I really need to get myself and my life together). And here I did really well. It was the free food and I fought it all the way. Every day, the mini-chocolate bites were on the tables and chips in the afternoon. I didn't have a one. Lunch was brought in, but from past experience I know how lacking in fruit and veggies it can be, so I brought my lunch bag full just in case. The lunches actually had decent selections, so I'd load up a big plate with salad, and then grab a small bowl or plate for the entrée. I passed on the fab desserts each day, except the last day where I allowed myself one slice. I was raised in a clean-your-plate-there's-strarving-kids-in-China house and still have trouble throwing perfectly good food away, or even watching someone else throw perfectly good food away. Hence the need to clean my kids' plates. So it was painful to know there was all this extra buffet food left, but I'm finally making paradigm shift (Covey's oozing out here) that it's not my responsibility to save (and eat) the extra. I even got to spread some healthy knowledge. I brought pomogranate seeds one day in the class and others were asking about them, so I brought in another one the next day and showed everyone the inside and many people sampled the seeds.

11/21 178.6, up 0.6. Went to see our at-work leader at the actuall WW place this week with other TDSers since we won't have Thursday weigh-in. What did I not do this week? I went to the Women's Expo and sampled whatever I wanted. And when the men in tuxedos offered my chocolates I didn't turn them down. I think I probably continued to work through more of the halloween candy. I remember thinking I gained 2 pounds and so was thrilled it was only 0.6.

11/30 181.8, up 3.2. Back to 50 pounds lost. Was expecting 5 lb gain, so this was good. I'm feeling pretty good that I didn't go up so much that I lost my 50 lb mark. Turkey day was good and I did pretty well. Then Friday something snapped and I was into the mini chocolate bars at work - unfortunately I know who has them and where. Then there's the leftovers at home and then I just gave myself permission to eat whatever I really wanted for the rest of the week. And so I have. That's why I expected to gain much more. I haven't had a decent workout in a while either. I'm probably losing muscle weight.


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