It's everywhere! It's everywhere!

CHICAGO IL. --Your intrepid weightloss reporter is on special assignment in Chicago, (actually Rosemont, where there's a bazillion airport-based convention centers). I'm at a 4-day Project Management conference, and the challenge is maintaining program whilst eating hotel food, but I'm doing it semi-consciously, because i'm here to learn about Project Management stuff and....

... so I'm in this workshop titled "Persuasion and Influence: Necessary Skills for Today's Leaders" and its all well and good and we're learning the Four Cs ("conviction" is one of them) and the Twenty Thousand Ps ("Passion" is one of them) and there's not enough chairs, so I'm sitting on the floor and I can't see our presenter, and that's perfectly fine until she makes her point by recommending a weight loss book. And so, of course, I kneel up so I can see her, because instantly I'm thinking "Hmmmm. She didn't sound fat. Let's see just how fat she is." And she's not fat, per se, but she's a tall, commanding woman who probably has been told by some dickslap that she's fat. Maybe she has a paunch that she hides well. So she's plugging this book, it's called "Let's Do Lunch" and she's got passion for the goal and she's loaded with conviction that this is the way to go , and she's lost some 20 pounds in just a few months, and that's all well and good, but once, just once, can it NOT be about weight loss? Couldn't it have been about getting end users to like the upgrade of the software you're about to roll out? Couldn't the non-IT example have been about getting the customer on the homebuilding project to like the Corian rather than the marble? I'm already applying my work tools to weight loss: I did my performance review just last week like the fine ladies at Angry Fat Girlz suggested I do, and I even set milestones and deliverables and wrote myself a weightloss project charter like the good little card-carrying Project Management Institute member that I am. And before I had dinner, I spent an hour and a half in the health club here, but for one stinkin day out of the office, just once, can it not be about weightloss?

I guess not.


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