I'm baaaa-aaack!!! Now , let's keep this momentum going.

Woo, between this past weekend, and the fact that I'm gearing up for the "challenge" season, I'm all pumped up. Especially after this morning's Wednesday Weigh-In!

214.2. Fat 46.3%. Down 3.4 That's more like it.

Amazing what a dose of self-confidence and moxie will do for your willpower and such. And I'm not at all nervous about the upcoming non-stop American Eat-A-Thon that is the impending holidays. I lose weight during the holidays last year, and I'm confident I can do it again. Why?

Because its so in-your-face about it that I'm already digging out all my tools. It's like if you know you're going to box in a match where your opponent is pretty damn tough, you're going to be prepared. You're going to train, you're not going to put any stupid food in your mouth. You see the challenge coming, and you meet it. Unlike summer, which is supposed to be easy for us weightloss girls: tons of fresh fruit and veggies everywhere, plenty of exercise to get in, la de da. Winter? Comfort food (read: mashed potatoes, cream, deep fried everything) no time or weather to get exercise in.

No, I learned last year that this was my peak time to lose weight because the challenges are there. They're classic ones. People throw in the towel over the winter because it's supposedly hard. No, I can't just "maintain." If I'm going to think about it at all, I'm going to continue to lose.

It really is the season to hone those lifetime eating skills. Eat only things you really like. Don't eat food just because it's there. Be picky about what you choose as a treat. Remember to eat balanced. I was all fired up last year around this time because I'd just started a blog, called it This Time For Sure, and sure enough, I lose weight over the holidays. I'm fired up now for many of the same reasons. I need to keep this momentum going.


Lori said…
You really inspire me even if I don't play in a band and even if I don't climb rocks (can't. look. down. oh. my. god.)...I want to sort of make it a goal to get to 250 this Christmas. It's only 11 pounds...

BigAssBelle said…
well damn! you just inspired me!

let's DO keep it going!! i'm off to the gym in short order. food's good. water's good. let's do it! and THANK YOU THANK YOU for this!!

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