Did someone mention rut?

First I'll catch up on reporting my progress.
10/12 - 180.1 - down 5.8 - total loss 51.4. Highest point so far
10/19 - 183.4 - up 3.0 - birthday, other pigging out. Was happy not to have gained 4
10/26 - on vacation - no weigh in
11/2 - 181 - down 2.4 - despite nephew's birthday (yummy pizza and "cake", V'ron!) and weekend up north with salty snacks and alcoholic beverages

I have no words of wisdom. Why do I insist on eating candy and sweets? Probably because my gym has a fitness challenge including avoiding sweets. So I must eat them. Halloween - had to try one of each candy bar.

I've been setting a second alarm in the bathroom to ensure that I get up in the mornings to get in some treadmill and weight time. I haven't been getting as much time as I'd like, so I need to step it up. Once my trainer sessions are over, I also need to devote that same amount of time to working out at home. Need to start planning that out.

Up at the cabin we went walking every morning 3+ miles, so that was good. I also took up weights and a mat and did some stuff on my own. Got in some hiking in the forest, but that wasn't really strenuous. I packed a lot of veggies and fruit and salad stuff and made sure to reach for that first every meal. My friends' husband always goes for the salty snacks around 10 PM when we're playing cards and that was my downfall. Did I pull out my fat free popcorn instead? No. Chips and french onion dip? Townhouse crackers and port wine cheese spread? Bring it on. And then there was the recreational drinking. Must plan ahead even more next time we go up north.

And now to planning ahead for the holidays. I need to get out my WW tools and really use them. I'm looking through the latest WW magazine for the holiday recipes and hope to incorporate many into our Thanksgiving dinner. I did try out the squash souffle last weekend and it was wonderful! Will definitely substitute that for the high fat/calorie sweet potato souffle I normally make. Will have to test the stuffing recipes next.

Between WW and my trainer, I only have 2 or 3 ways I could be tracking. Maybe that's my problem. Too many choices. I've been doing very badly at tracking and admitting the "bad" foods.

I'm back on track so far today. And I'll try to be better at weekly postings as well. At WW we now have a group challenge to lose 270 lbs between now and 1/4 (1 lb per week per person). So maybe if I think about the group that will help motivate me too. Can't let myself down. Can't let the group down.


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