Setbacks only mean you have to keep working harder

Well, on top of having to admit I live in a back-asswards state full of fearful dogmatic people who have the audacity to call themselves "christians" who think its perfectly appropriate to amend our constitution by limiting the rights of people instead of protecting the equal rights of people, I have to post a freaking weight gain today.

Weekly weigh-in: 215.8, fat percentage 45.8. At least the fat percentage is down, but I'm up 1.6 pounds. And I really don't know why. I journaled all my food. Yesterday we had a huge lasagna lunch at work, but was that 1.6 pounds worth? OK, don't let this get me down, it just means I have to work harder.

It's like this election. I should be happy that some of my measurements went down this week, just like I should be happy the Democrats took back the house. I should be happy my fat percentage went down, just like I should be happy that our governor won decisively and that a right wing wacko finally lost his state senate seat to a reasonable democrat in a republican leaning district. But that damn weight gain, like that foul discriminitory amendment, needs to be approached not as defeat, but just another sign that I have work to do, and now is not the time for giving up, or resting on any other laurels I can find.


BigAssBelle said…
i know, i know. it sucks. many things still suck despite improving politics, but another thing that sucks big time is that pasta/lasagne/italian food is ALWAYS good for a weight gain and 1-2 pounds is just about right, so i suspect that's the gain right there.

or maybe it's just gaining a little weight in sadness that there could be people who really believe it's a good thing to legitimize discrimination against folks who love one another and are committed and want to make it official and holy.

fuck 'em. we will do better. i know it. chin up, pasta fork down ;-) . . . hoping for a better week for both of us.

hugs, lynette

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