Two steps back, but still

217. Fat Percentage 46.9. Up two.

I would really really really like to blame this on Turkey Day, but frankly, I was good. Again, its because I saw it as a challenge, so I prepared. I picked only my favorite stuff, and I noshed on veggies most of the afternoon. I worked out every day.

It's the other days in the long weekend that were the death of me. Friday, I went out to see some bands and I guess I was thirstier than I thought, and I quenched that thirst with beer, not water. Bad Bad Bad. Note to self: beer does not quench thirst, it only makes you think you are. Saturday, that's probably where I really blew it. I was good all day, but when I got to the basketball game, I had "dinner" in the form of the BBQ Pork Nachos (yes, they sound gross, but really, they're really good, don't knock 'em till you've tried them) but also succumbed to the"heavenly roasted nuts". What was I thinking? First, I know that I'm weak for cashews to begin with, but then roasted with some sugary coating and served hot? Lordy, that was stupid. At least I got a small. And then, we went to see some bands afterwards, and if you read my regular blog, you'll know that these were the kind of bands that made you say "Jesus, I need a drink."

But it could have been worse, and such is the holiday season. I'm still confident that when its over, I'll come out on the losing side. My birthday's next week and I'm already planning how I'm going to handle it. I did this last year too -- I gained two pounds from Thanksgiving and the next week dropped some. (There's a reason I keep my long-term history). That was actually the week I declared "This Time For Sure" and started this blog. So, onward!


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