WWI - Transitioning to Autumn

Wednesday Weigh In, 213.0, fat % 45.2. I'm holding steady on total pounds, but the fat % implies that I lost 2 pounds of fat this week. I'm reaching for it, but I seem to be really stuck here (I was GOOD this week, honest) and I need other numbers besides the MotherShip Statistic (total weight) to keep me going.

I just got done signing STella up for her fall classes. Its somewhat depressing, as summer is the time of year I look forward to, and as the cliche goes, it gets shorter as you get older, and the thing that hits you in the face is the shopping for school supplies and stuff in the fall. I carefully signed Stella up for her fall sports and activities, and at least this time, 2 of them at at the Y, so that will guarantee at least 2 formal workouts. I can't even remember how long I lasted going to work on a bike -- I have really good winter biking pants, and long gloves, and good cool weather workout tops. I think I made it to early November. Didn't do it every day, because I don't ride when its snowing.

But the class scheduling had me thinking that my summer workouts and winter workouts are two totally different things. Summer is mostly cardio, endurance, etc., and I don't lift weights that much because lifting weights is pretty much an indoor thing. Who wants to be inside lifting weights on a gorgeous summer day? But in winter, who wants to be outside shoshing around? I like a good winter hike in the woods, or ice skating, or sledding, but that's about it. So the Winter Workout tends to be a half hour on some machine (stairclimber, elliptical, whaever I'm in the mood for) followed by weights. By the end of any given winter, I'm pretty happy with the weights, but by the end of summer, its like I have to start all over with, say 10 pounds on the biceps... feh! Oh, and for daily cardio, there's that stairclimbing in my building. Its almost a punishment for myself when there's no other way I can get a workout in.

Still, I hate this transition period. Am I cardio or am I weightlifting? Am I outdoors or indoors? The days are getting shorter, even this morning I got up and had to use a lighton my bike until I was about half way to work. By November, I won't even be turning it off halfway. But now, I'm watching the sunrise along the lakefront in the morning. I should enjoy this and love it for what it is -- an opportunity to see the sunrise every morning over the lakefront. Its like last week's post, an analogy for this whole process. I need to enjoy this part of the journey, a transition from really fat to, as kdk13 put it, "only overweight" (there's a whole different set of challenges at that point), for what it is -- seeing the size 14s rise over my hips like the sun on the lakefront.


duenneschen said…
that is so funny!!!

i was just thinking of what classes i could sign up for when it started getting colder, yoga, kickboxing, etc.
BigAssBelle said…
i can't figure out where you live, but i am envious. "wants to be inside lifting weights on a gorgeous summer day?" geeze, i can hardly bear to go outside. and even my time at the gym is affected by the fact that it's 106 outside with 90% humidity. summer is something to get through down here, but fall ~ it is glorious and i can't wait.

i have been noticing the shorter days too, and the different light coming through the windows: it's softer, sweeter, not that straight overhead blazing sun of summer.

it sounds lovely, on the whole, and i'm envious. i think measuring body fat % is a better way, actually, than focusing on scale numbers.

keep going, you're doing great :-)

The L said…
you read on my other blog, i am just discovering classes. if i try to do a video at home i will sit there with a bag of food and watch them do it like that's helping me at all! we shall see, hopefully i can keep up with them. i have been trying to keep a steady schedule between cardio and weights. i am not the outdoorsy type though.

keep up the great work, i am proud of you!

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