I'm sorry I'm not bigger than that

Oh and I have to comment to disappointed who commented on my last entry. Yeah, my last entry was angry and hit below the belt, but I guess sometimes I can't be the mature (obviously implied from the "matronly" effect my fat has) grown-up I should be and consider the source of Mr Bonehead's comments. Thing is, when I hear an artist being totally written off because of her weight (and nothing else), its like getting hit emotionally. It hits all of us, because if somebody as talented and influencial as Exene can't be judged any further than her current weight, what chance do any of us fat artists have? Yes, I know I should be a grown up and consider the source, but sometimes you get tired of always having to be "the bigger person" (pun intended) and you have to hit back. And judging from all the ads I see on Spike TV for hair restoration (during Start Trek - TNG, which features a chrome domed captain generally acknowledged to be one of the sexiest men on television, how's that for mixed messages), I suspect I hit back in a particularly sensitive place. How's that medicine taste, boys? How's it feel to have all your artistic efforts written off by just one aspect of your physical appearance? Sometimes I think you have to hit back once in a while so that they understand what it feels like to be hit. No, us fat girls are NOT used to this. No, us fat girls STILL get hurt by it, even when we "consider the underlying roots of the speaker." And it doesn't matter who said it, whether they have their own issues going on, and who they said it about. It still hurts, mofos. And sometimes we get tired of just sitting back and letting such comments gloss over, without hitting back once in a while, being the complacent, fat-girls-have-no-right-to-be-angry, matrons that we are.

For the record, today's my wedding anniversary, and I'm married to a guy who has a touch of thinning locks on the top, and it really doesn't matter to me in the least. He knows this.


BigAssBelle said…
"How's it feel to have all your artistic efforts written off by just one aspect of your physical appearance?"

I have done this to myself all my life. So sad.

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