A light at the end of the tunnel?!? WWI

Numbers first: holding steady at 215, but fat % is down to 45.6. So I guess that's OK, but you would think after a weekend that included a 60 mile bike ride there would have been more loss. (On the other hand, that weekend included road food and restaurant food at Wisconsin Dells, so there you go. I didn't track food this weekend, and its like I posted last week, I obviously can't trust myself not to, and that’s annoying. Still, no regrets.)

We did it; we did theElroy Sparta trail this weekend. I had to restrain myself from saying I Told You So to Brian, who thought it would be fairly easy to do the whole thing there and back. (I had been researching shuttle services, but I was shut down.) By the time we got to Sparta, the family was pooped, and Brian and Stella caught a shuttle over to Norwalk, while I trudged up the 3 mile, 3% upgrade with Sammy up to and through the ¾ mile tunnel. Apparently Stella and Brian got caught in a thunderstorm in the shuttle, but they were in a vehicle. Storm must've passed my way either while in the tunnel, or the canopy of trees along the trail shielded me, because I just experienced a slight drizzle and Sammy, safe in his trailer, only knew it was raining after I put the rain sheets down. He thought it was pretty cool, as a matter of fact: kids love a tent of any kind, and a moving one must have been a gas. Admittedly, we’d spent the previous day in Ontario, WI, which is just outside Wildcat Mountain state park, great trails and scenery, and we didn’t hit the Elroy Sparta bike trail until something like 11 am, so we finally ended up back at the Kendall Depot around 9:30 ish. Whew! Brian was tired, but not wrecked, and Stella was quite the trooper. That last tunnel coming back was especially creepy (but in a fun way) because since it was dark, there was literally no light at the end of the tunnel. We just had to remember that it simply existed, and that was hard.

That's how this whole losing weight thing feels sometimes. No light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to remember that there is an end of the tunnel, and have faith in it.


Amy said…
hey, you rode 60 miles and you enjoyed yourself. this is enjoying the view from uhhh the tunnel. that analogy blows but i hope you're hip to my jive there.

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