"We Only Sell Double Scoop Cones, Ma'am"

I'll share one more quick story - and it explains why Americans are fat.

We were in Florida over Thanksgiving, and when we were at the airport, my kids asked for an ice cream cone as a treat. I said, "sure." We went to a Carvel at the food court in the airport. My girls are ages 10 and 6 (and skinny - not the point of this story) and a single cone would have been plenty for them (plenty for anyone actually.)

I COULD NOT PURCHASE A SINGLE SCOOP CONE. "We only sell double cones!"

I paid for a double cone for each of them, "WHATEVER". I was too tired to think on my feet. I only wanted to pay for one scoop and I knew my girls would only have the appetite for one scoop, but I'll play by your silly rules. Sure enough, they couldn't finish 2 scoops - not even close - (and the rest of the grownups in the group helped them out - go figure.) Still - Not the point of the story.

The point is the same point that Morgan Spurlock and many others are making: WE'RE FAT BECAUSE OF THE EVIL MARKETERS. They're marketing obestiy. IT'S INSANITY!!!!! They just want more cash and they're greedy and evil. They don't stop to consdier that someone ONLY WANTS ONE FREAKING SCOOP! It's just plain subversive.

Next time if this happens, I'll pay for the double and ask them to keep a scoop.


V'ron said…
And its not just the money in that transaction. They want you to be accostomed to the idea that 2 scoops are a serving. That 2 scoops are a "reasonable" amount of ice cream, for a child or an adult. So that when you do get one scoop, it looks small, its looks inadaquate, and your tummy is used to LARGE LARGE LARGE.

The Chapter in "Fat Land" that discusses HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) is especially scare. That stuff is actually addictive.
truejulie said…
This is so true, because the actual food doesn't cost the corporations much, they dupe people into thinking they are getting "more for their money" by serving up monstrous portions. The cost later in poor health and doctor bills isn't figured in. It is really hard to realize you are overeating when you are served so much that eating half the plate of food is still over-eating, but it doesn't SEEM like over eating. In the fifties a muffin was the size of a child's cupcake, now they sell them the size of a child's HEAD!!

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