Truthiness in Holiday weightloss

Some weeks ago, pastaqueen had this entry about considering not admitting a weight gain and if there was a week to lie on the blog about weigh in, this is it.

But I'm not going to. Today I weight 219, that's a three pound gain. Oy. C'mon, I even ran for an hour on Christmas Day! Last year I lost weight during the holidays. But here's the thing. Unlike pastaqueen, I have not yet declared the holidays over. I still have my company holiday party this Saturday, and my husband and I throw our annual Christmas party in late January. After that, we take down the tree and declare the holidays over. So I still have three weeks to post an overall holiday loss. Just to tell you I'm not lying (would somebody who posted a three pound gain after a 2 pound gain start lying now), here's a link to when I declared the holiday eating season over last year. Note date.

Hey, at least the fat % is down to 45. And my measurements haven't budged. The ol "cousin from the country" (do people really still call it that) is [excuse mode] due any day now [/excuse mode off]. I had a lovely fruit and yogurt breakfast. And I was pretty stupid this past weekend. First, on new year's eve, I worked out like a horse, on a very small breakfast and nonexistent lunch. When I showed up to meet my friends for an afternoon new years toast (it was midnight in Paris, after all!), I had an apres-workout ravenous hunger that could not be satisfied. I stuffed myself silly with french pastry and such. Even the next day I felt bloated, like people normally feel after Thanksgiving dinner. What was I thinking? I wasn't.

OK, forgive myself and move on. The holidays are not yet over; I still have the challenge of two major parties ahead of me. Which means I still have the opportunity to beat this holiday eating thing.


BigAssBelle said…
you have a really long holiday season! in my view, the compulsive eaters national season of festivity starts with halloween and ends new year's eve.

i don't know how fat i'd have gotten if i ran another month, but you have way more discipline and control than i do. i was up 7 pounds day after christmas, then down 6 the following sunday for a net gain of 1.

now i'm in boot camp :-) and it should come off. hallelujah ~ the eating time is over and we're heading into the lean months . . . hugs, lynette

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