183.8 up 4.4. Well, at least it was less than 5 lbs which I was hoping my gain wouldn't be more than. This holiday I just enjoyed myself. And ate whatever I wanted. The worse for me, the more I ate of it. I wanted it all out of the house by Jan 1. Didn't quite get there, but definite strides towards the goal. The problem is it all goes through my mouth on it's way out of the house. I was also feeling under the weather for a big part of the week between big events and had very little energy to get up and exercise.

J2 - That's what our leader calls this time - January 2 when the tracker comes back out and the renewed focus starts again. My renewal started yesterday with our meeting. I can't make my goals unless I focus and plan my diet and exercise. And I need some sleep instead of my 4 hours I seem to get a night since there's never enough hours in a day.

And just when my renewal is starting what am I doing? I'm going on a date tonight with my husband to the Melting Pot. And we're doing the Big Night Out that includes cheese fondue, salad, entrée fondue, and dessert fondue. Got a booth in "Lover's Lane" all reserved. I'm also indulging in the yin-yang chocolate martini. Most (all? Next weeks, too??) of my flex points will be going toward this meal. Saturday night we're headed to a candlelight hike in Blue Mounds. At least I can earn some points with the hike, but I'm sure those will get used quickly by the free hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows.


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