181.6 - down 2.2. Back once again to 50 pounds lost. How many times do I need to get here before I can move on to 55?!

J2 didn't work so hot for me, but J8 is going well. Been going well this week after a Friday night at Melting Pot and then the weekend of continuing to eat through the holiday treats. This weekend will be spent in Chicago at a friends's house. She asked if I needed any special food for being on WW and I said "oh, no". What was I thinking? She's offering - stand up for yourself KDK and tell her. Actually I did say I'd love salad, veggies and fruit and I'll bring the fruit. Maybe I'll bring my own breakfast too…and roasted veggies and…

OK, I don't know if I'm fooling myself or what, but I think a part of my not losing consistently last September - December was that I was hungry. I was working out with the trainers and working out at home and climbing stairs and cleaning house and I only gave myself minimal points for the gym and working out time. Could I really have been burning calories and making myself hungry? I don't know, but I was hungry and I made bad decisions. So, now I'm going to give myself points for legitimate activity, even if not regular exercise. Like when I mop the floor vigorously for a half an hour I'm taking those points. Then I make sure to eat all my points for the day including activity points, but try to steer clear of the flex points.

I really don't want to be posting a "J15" subject next week, so I gotta stick to this.


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