Up to 11 on the 11th!

Brian had taken in my primary electric guitar to the shop last week for an overhaul, and I just got it back. Ready to plug in. (And Nigel, I have an amp that goes up to 11!) And regular readers of this blog know that my getting back up on stage with a guitar strapped on is a major part of getting my moxie back, and gettting rid of my fatness, because as we all know, 95% of this weightloss thing in in our heads, and not exactly the left side of the brain, either. That logical left side stuff is easy: eat less, move more. Duh. No, its the right side of the brain, the emotional, the creative, the musical, that needs to (literally) get in tune for me.

It's time to turn the weightloss efforts up to 11, as well.

Really, it all goes hand in hand. You have to believe you're worth it to do anything, and not be afraid of being noticed, looked at, and possibly critiqued. I've read in enough blogs, and I'm finally starting to understand, that being fat, in an odd way, is a way to become invisible. Invisible was safe, but you don't accomplish much being invisible. All the things I want to do: write, photograph, and play music -- are the antithesis of invisible. Losing weight is all part of losing invisibility. I'm finding that as I once did, I like being visible, and out there. I'm visible, I'm loud, my knobs do go up to 11.

We are scheduled to rehearse for the first time in years this Sunday.


Salma Gundi said…
The whole putting yourself out there bit of your post really hit home with me. Really enjoyed your post.

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