I Am A Cliche

Today's title come to us courtesy of the B-Side of punk/ska priestesses X-Ray Spex's 1977 British hit, "Oh Bondage Up Yours."

"The Average American gains approximately 6.5 pounds over the holiday season." Well, here's Wednesday Weigh-In Numbers: 221.5 (jesus!), up 2, which brings us to (drum roll) 6.5 pounds over the holiday season. Yes, I Am A Cliche.

And so, in cliche fashion, I'm panicking. I'd like to blame this on the party Brian and I had this past weekend, but I was actually in control there. It's work. I'm getting wavy at work, and I'm getting this craving for sweets, and I'm horribly indulging it. I'm not quite sure why, but I can feel a sugar addiciton. That's the thing about refined sugar; its like heroin. Maybe that's why its called "JUNK" food. Anyway, I can feel the blood sugar spike, almost in a relieving way, after I down an entire bag of Butterfinger BBs, which I did yesterday. And I just wanted more. For some stupid ass reason I got more.

So, time to detox. I've done a sugar detox before. The first few days you actually get headaches from the withdrawl, but then afterwards you feel really good, with more good, positive energy than ever. So I'm going on a sugar/refined carb fast starting today. Its loosely based on "The Fat Flush Plan" which is in the low-carb, south beach camp, but the author of the plan, Ann Gittleman, allows fruits, which technically are carbs. I'll also have a little barley in my mushroom soup that I made a big pot of last night, but barley's a pretty complex carb. (besides, that soup is filling, and its only 2 points.). But I'll be taking flax oil, cutting out all the refined sugars, and pretty much do that for 1-2 weeks, just to go cold turkey on my need for refined sugar/starch.

And because a lot of this is specifically to wean myself off the taste of refined sugar, that means no diet soda for at least a week. Now that's going to be a toughie. I might succumb to that, so its a lofty goal. But real sugar, yes, I can keep that out for at least 10 days, which is what I need to do to stop these cravings I'm getting. I will probably lose some weight as well, but the purpose of this, (like Renee at Renee Gets Fit's fast a month or so back) is not to lose weight, but to detox my body.

But to do something drastic like go on some crazy I'm-going-to-cut-out-an-entire-class-of-food diet, yeah, that's cliche. Oh well. "I Am A Cliche" was a great song done by a great punk band.


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