WWI: Can I get a fast pass?

Numbers: 218.5, fat % 46. Hey, I'm down a half pound! Not bad, considering I still did a holiday party (and it wasn't the food that got me, I was in control there!) and I'm riding the rickshaw this week.

I'm trying so hard not to succumb to the "New Year New You New Resolution" kind of post, but I can't help it. Everybody around is on this "I gotta get in shape" kick, which should wane in about a week or so. And I'm caught up in it. I find myself being extra mindful of my habits. (You'd never know from my weight post this week!) But for the time being, I have to put up with the Y being packed, with everybody around me "starting" diets, and for weightloss spam to be packing my email box and cluttering up cable TV. I'd posted a comment on somebody's blog (perhaps Pound?) that I kind of felt like I should have a free ticket to skip waiting -- like you can pay extra for at Six Flags -- for various weight machines. The holidays spoiled me: I'm not used to having to wait for a bench press or an elliptical machine, dammit! Hey you 115-pound newbie, I've got tenure here! I know that's rude, so I don’t actually say it, but still. Don't I get some kind of priviledge for slogging it out on December 23 before I hit the vicious par-tays? I guess my "reward" is already being in exercise condition, and for not massively gaining. And even though I've put on a few pounds over the holidays, (and they're not over yet, I have one more party a week from Saturday at my house that involves holiday hors o deurves), I'm declaring victory. Once again I was mindful and didn't go nuts. Its usually much, much worse, and that in and of itself is a reward, I guess.


pastaqueen said…
I felt that way about church, back when my parents made me attend. We'd go every Sunday, so I thought we should get passes for Easter and Christmas to guarantee seating instead of having to sit in the overflow section for the twice-a-year Catholics.
Lori said…
I was actually thinking, would it really be such a bad thing to do and push off a young thing from a machine who weighs 100 pounds and is walking at 2 mph? She took the last treadmill upstairs...I mean, 2 mph? My crippled up mama can walk faster than that...

No, I guess I can't but I'd love either a pass or a special section of the gym (ladies, we've been waiting for you! Come in!).

A loss after a holiday party is still a loss. You can get through this last party and not do too much damage. We're having our last holiday lunch today at work. I'm just going to walk through the buffet and see what's good. A salad will be on half of my plate and so maybe the damage won't be so bad. Good luck with your party!

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