Up again. Bluuhhhh. Ick.

219.5. Fat %46. Up a pound again. Bluuuhhhh. Ick.

OK, time to analyze, get real, and learn from others. From Kdk13, I also need to account for my exercise, because I'm making the same mistake she's making: I dn't count exercise in my caloric needs for the day, I then get super hungry, and I make bad food choices. Duh. You go into this thinking, oh, the exercise is just gravy, and it doesn't work that way.

Also, I've called the end of the holiday season this Sunday, so I'm eating like I have extra time to lose. I don't. I was downright cocky this week. I didn't track my food, and well, I'm paying for it with a pound gain. Its going to be hard to track this week, because this party we're having Saturday will come complete with horsodeurves (and there is no such thing as "lite" hors o deurves, at least none fit for human consumption), and drinkie poos. Drinkie poos are actually more damaging than hors o deurves. Not only are they high calorically, they go down way too easily, and then once you're toasted, you have the munchies, so you dive into the hors o deurves. And you don't go for the healthy crudities, because when you're toasted, you want carbs, protein, and fat. Fiber is the last craving you have. (Note to self: see if you can find a time when you actually crave fiber.). I can save points until the cows come home, but really, to make up for Saturday, I'm pretty much going to have to fast. Bluuuuuhhhhh. Ick.

I had a lovely bowl of oatmeal this morning. Lunch will be a salad. I'm going to have to eat this way all week. I have mini- Beef Wellingtons to save points for. And drinkie poos. Bluuuhhhh. Ick.

Then January 21 will roll around before I know it and I will have to get back in the saddle. Oh, and I'm stairclimbing today. Fun. (once again, what's the HTML tags for sarcasm.)

I know, this wasn't one of my regular, thought out essays on the anthropology of weightloss. It's just that I'm above the milestone of my pre-Sammy pregnancy weight, through my own damn fault, and its pissing me off. Bluuhhhhh. Ick.

If there's any silver cloud to this, my measurements haven't been too bad. I gained an inch in my chest, but my lower body measurements, like hips and thighs and even waist, have gone down. Weird. Very weird. Bluhhhhhhhh. Ick.


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